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Credit Repair

By now  you know random dispute methods just don’t work all  the time. That’s why we assist you to build a total credit repair plan;  one that addresses but is not limited to: disputes, validations, credit  card repayment plans, and helps you establish new credit. No matter how  low your FICO is or how many or what inaccurate negatives are on your report, we can help.

Simply IQ Credit Solutions Credit Repair gets you results, real results, and fast!

Our credit repair services include:

  1. One-on-one personal credit advise

  2. Unlimited disputes with credit bureaus, original creditors, collection agencies etc

  3. “Pay-for-delete” negotiations

  4. Help advise how to establish new lines of positive credit

  5. Prepare you to get home, auto or any kind of loan approval

Personal Credit Repair Advocatee

Fixing your credit requires a well designed plan; a plan that is  based not only on your credit, but also your budget, state laws, statute  of limitations, and most importantly, your goals.

Disputing everything on your credit report is not a plan – it’s a waste of your time and money, frankly its careless!


At IQ Credit Solutions you will be assigned a personal Credit Repair  Advocate who will help you develop a plan to improve every aspect of  your credit.


Your Credit Repair Advocate will:

1. Review every aspect of your credit report, not just the negative accounts.

2. Advise you on what to dispute, what to validate, when to settle and what to ignore

3. Help you determine in which order negative items should be addressed.

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